What People are Saying

I really enjoy living here. The decor of the apartment hallways are modern and nice to look at. The apartments are situated near the trendy 124 Street with plenty of good restaurants and cafes within walking distance. Sandra and Harvey are great building managers that live on site. They're always so friendly, approachable, and take good care of the residents. I'd recommend Groat Estate Apartments to anyone looking for a place to rent.


I've lived here for a year and a half now. There's been a change in management in between that time. The new landlord is friendly and very on top of things and if you have a complaint or issue, its dealt with in a timely manner. The building is always clean and quiet. Most suites are upgraded, and it's an adult only building. There is Underground parking and the building is pretty secure. There is a gym and sauna, and 24 hr coin laundry. Some suites have fireplaces. I do wish that was upgraded to card.


Rycal Properties has taken care of all my maintenance needs quickly and seamlessly since the moment I moved into the building. The management seems to really care about their tenants and always keeps the building clean inside and out.


I have lived in this apartment for almost four years. I have felt respected and secure in this clean environment. The landlord and caretakers spend a great deal of time making sure this place is noise free, theft free and tenants respect the boundaries of each other. 


My daughter Christine is a police officer and was working downtown at the time I was looking for an apartment. I told her I was looking at Groat Estate, she told m she knew it well and it was safe and always well cared for.  So on that I moved in. I have been a tenant for over four years. I had not planned on staying that long, however when Sandra and Harvey arrived as resident managers a number of years ago, I saw how they treated everyone as a guest in their home, no just renters. A home that is well maintained, spotless, a great location, friendly, and you feel welcome. A great place to call home.


I have enjoyed living at Fountain Bleue Apartments for the last ten plus years. Through the years, the manager has run the building in a respectful and professional manor. The managements dedicated to promote worry free living separates them from the rest. 


My name is Todd Mulley and this is the second time living here. I was here for about two years before and due to liver circumstances, I came back and I have been here for about fourteen months now. There were many factors as to why I came back here…   Warm and inviting apartment Always clean The tenants – no rift rafts Safe Very well maintained during the winter months, both Lisa and her husband Eric work really hard to keep the walkways clear of snow and they always put down ice melt. Mainly – Lisa, she welcomed me back with open arms, she sends cookies around Christmas and always is polite and has time to chat. In closing, I would definitely recommend this apartment to anyone looking for a place to call home and that is what I call it! I would also like to say, that from my time here and my time with Lisa and her family, I would call them close friends. 


Nothing but good things to say about living here. Property managers Michael and Sydney are fantastic landlords, and people! They were helpful, accommodating, fair, and extremely attentive to our needs! We lived in a beautiful, clean suite and rarely ever heard and noise from the building or our neighbors. The halls were regularly cleaned and the doors were all secure (we never had a problem with uninvited people getting into the building). The landlords are always accessible through email or text/call and responded quickly to any questions we had. They are very fair in their estimate of returning the damage deposits, and just overall wanted to help us out! This downtown apartment is cute, convenient to everything in Brewery District (gym, shopping, groceries, medical services, tons of restaurants etc) and safe! 10/10 would recommend making this your next home!


Fountain Bleue has been my best rental experience; the only things that are cared for more than the grounds and building are the suite layouts. They are spacious, warm, inviting, and provide relief from cookie cutter apartments. Management and tenants alike are friendly and I always feel as thought I am coming home!


When I first moved into Edmonton almost 5 years ago, I made the Groat Estates my home far from home. I had just moved to Edmonton from Montreal Quebec, and prior to that I was in Dallas Texas for over a decade, so when it came to apartment searching I wanted somewhere quiet, safe, close to downtown and also close to things that I would enjoy to do, so location and safety were top priority and I am glad on the Wednesday August day in 2009, I made the best choice ever, thus making the Groat Estates my home. The Groat Estates is very homely, Sandra and Harvey are not only managers at the property, they are the most pleasant and caring managers I have come across, it takes one call to them and whatever is making a tenant unhappy in their respective suites they take care of it immediately.  The Groat Estates is a clean, quiet, adult building located close to downtown and within a stone throw from the best night light in the city, everything is within reach be it the west, south, and north sides of the city. What I love about the Groat Estates is the location, the cleanliness and homely ambiance, and of course Sandra and Harvey, they have made me stay, they are understanding, and do an awesome job of ensuring that the tenants feel at home as the welcome is not only BIG but its infectious its friendly and mostly their caring nature is not only reassuring but it makes us feel that we are HOME and comfortable, that explains why most tenants only move when they purchase their own homes.


We have been living at Spruce Ridge Estates for 7 years now.  We are very comfortable here. The management is excellent. They take good care of their clients.


We are retired and have lived her for 6.5 year.   The apartments are modern and spacious.  The apartment complex is quiet, clean and well managed. Great location!


I've been living in this building for 10 years.  The building is very clean and quiet. The managers Sandra and Hawvey are very nice people.  For me, they are not only the managers, they are like a part of my family. The neighbours are very good people. Living in the Groat Estate apartments is great.


About Rycal Properties

Rycal Properties is a family-run company operating boutique-styled apartments since 1992. We promise to our residents, that our team at Rycal is dedicated to providing a worry-free environment and helping you achieve a nurturing home to come home to. With superb locations, our apartments feature thoughtfully selected luxury finishes to make it feel more like home.